Various infections and tuberculosis specialist of the Ministry of health told the dangers of hookah Smoking

Различные инфекции и туберкулез: специалист Минздрава поведал опасностях курения кальяна

Hookah Smoking in public areas may result in contamination of dangerous infections.

This was stated by the expert on the prevention of tobacco and alcohol consumption Centre for public health, Ministry of health Kateryna Rymarenko, reports

According to the expert, the main risk of hookah use with nicotine that people cannot control the dose received by the body.

“One session of hookah Smoking with nicotine is equivalent to a hundred cigarettes smoked. The main risk associated with Smoking hookahs, it is primarily – improper sterilization. If you smoke hookah in a public place, you should understand that the bulbs and tubes being used are not properly sterilized. That is, all the germs, particularly from a human that is up to you Smoking hookah, they multiply, live in flasks or tubes. Therefore, there is a significant risk of Contracting infectious disease. For example, it is very easy to “hook up” tuberculosis”, – quotes Rymarenko Agency “UKRINFORM”.

The expert also stressed that if Smoking hookah with nicotine very often, it can develop dependence.

“It all depends on the characteristics of the body – someone’s addiction is growing faster, one slower. You need to be aware of all the risks from Smoking hookah”, – concluded the expert.

Earlier, the who published a shocking data about the number of Ukrainians in the age group 15-19 years drink alcohol.

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