Vakhtang Kikabidze is in the hospital

Vakhtang Kikabidze is in the hospital
Vakhtang Kikabidze is in the hospital
Yesterday, August 30, the famous Soviet and Russian singer Joseph Kobzon passed away. Prior to his 81 anniversary, the artist did not live just a couple of days.

The funeral of Kobzon will take place on September 2 in Moscow, which many celebrities will visit. Journalists “Says Moscow” asked the famous Georgian singer Vakhtang Kikabidze if he would attend the funeral, to which the artist replied that he was in the hospital, and no one invited him to the funeral.

“No one was invited to the funeral, I’m now in the hospital,” explained the 80-year-old artist.

Recall, the funeral of Joseph Kobzon will be held in Moscow. The artist will be buried at Vostryakovskoe cemetery in Moscow. The singer prepared a place in advance. There are also the graves of his close relatives. The artist asked to bury him between mother and mother-in-law. Note that last month Iosif Kobzon spent in the intensive care unit of the Moscow private clinic.

Earlier we reported that the famous actress and hostess Olga Sumskaya was in intensive care. All the details of the incident the actress told on her Facebook page.

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