Vaccination against influenza is worth it even if has already managed to recover in the early autumn – the medic

 Вакцинироваться от гриппа стоит, даже если уже успели переболеть в начале осени - медик

The main types of viruses are afraid of epidemiologists in the current season, Ukraine has not yet reached, because even if you have already managed to recover from early autumn to abandon the injection is still not worth it.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

Every year in our country circulates several different types of the virus, in addition, flu is often confused with the common cold and the likelihood that in the beginning of the fall of man had it is the latter, is very high.

“Already the disease since the beginning of autumn is not a reason to abandon vaccination. In addition, recover from the virus of human flu in the body produces antibodies to only one strain, protection from others is still there. But the flu virus is known to constantly evolyutsioniruet. Because not already transferred disease, nor last year’s vaccination will not protect you from disease this season,” says the doctor.

The expert drew attention to the fact that the vaccine is updated annually not only due to the fact that the viruses are getting stronger, and also because the annually projected a different “set” of circulating strains in that or other region. Therefore, vaccines are substances that can fight multiple strains” – said the expert.

The expert reminded that the time to get vaccinated prior to the epidemic, and it is expected this year by the end of autumn. Moreover, after the injection the body needs some time (usually about 2 weeks) on the production of antibodies.

Note, according to the Ministry of health, in the current season, registered in Ukraine and allowed to use three of the influenza vaccine with an updated strain composition.

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