Using the anomalous situation in Finland disappeared mosquitoes – news ZIK.UA

North country experienced the hottest July in its history – the recorded temperature of 33.7 degrees Celsius, which is an absolute record. Because of the heat, the mosquitoes, which every summer spoil Finam camping, virtually disappeared.

It is reported vokrugsveta.

Через аномальну ситуацію у Фінляндії зникли комарі – новини ZIK.UA

As explained by Professor Laplandskogo University Dr. Jukka Salmela, shallow ponds of Lapland, which mainly breed mosquitoes this summer mostly dried up, and female mosquitoes was nowhere to lay their larvae.

However, the current hot conditions are ideal for breeding of flies and gadflies, the expert warns. Both of these species are flies, parasites, but botflies are different in that they, having found their victim, lay their eggs under her skin; flies limit themselves to just drink the blood of warm-blooded animals, whether cattle, human or other mammal.

Record heat last summer brought the Finns and other troubles. So, for poor hay harvest in Finnish farmers may not be enough feed for the animals next winter, and therefore, the animals will be forced to send to slaughter.

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