US urges Russia to reduce the range of the rockets “Innovator” – news ZIK.UA

США вимагають від Росії скоротити радіус дії ракети «Новатор» – новини ZIK.UA

Russia must within two months or get rid of or reduce the radius of the rocket systems SSC-8 (the Russian modification – 9М729 “Innovator”), or United States come out of the INF Treaty, warned the head of the state Department.

This was said on Thursday during a briefing the Deputy Secretary on issues of arms control and international security Andrea Thompson, reports UKRINFORM.

“System SSC-8 has an extended range that is not responding (to agreements). This way, you will get rid of the system, get rid of the launchers, or modify it so that the application range has not been exceeded,” – said the representative of the American government.

She stressed that the ball is now on the field the Russians, and the United States expects reciprocal steps from Moscow.

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