Unexpectedly: Apple to release iPhone chocolate brown (PHOTOS)

Неожиданно: Apple выпустит iPhone шоколадного цвета (ФОТО)

The world anxiously awaits the long-awaited press conference by Apple, which will take place on 12 September in the theatre of Steve jobs, so the media go to various leaks about new products. Among them even pointed out the price of some models and the release date on the shelves that should please users. However, the price bites: for some models you will have to pay about 1 thousand dollars.

This is reported znaj.ua.

Other insiders declare that one of the colors of the new 6.1-inch iPhone may be released in the shade of brown that will surely surprise the world, since the company never used this color for the look and feel of their device. These conclusions are drawn for a photo with several alleged SIM trays from one of the three iPhone models are expected to be presented on September 12.

Color, at least for images that include gray, silver, red, blue, and a particularly interesting shade of brown. It seems a bold step, which was applied with 5 iPhone models when the iPhone 5C has received a variety of colors, including green, blue, yellow and pink. Users argue that, of course, even if the future is real, then Apple is not going to call it “brown”. He will probably be renamed into something more complicated, for example, “chocolate.”

Most likely it will be matte, because dark colors show all the scratches of the coating.

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