Ukrainian pensioners want to give a new identity and be fingerprinted

Украинским пенсионерам хотят выдать новые удостоверения и снять отпечатки пальцев

From 1 January 2019 Ukrainians waiting for a new rise of pensions — this time Supplement receive war pensioners. Also the authorities promise from April next year to introduce automatic indexation of all pensions depending on inflation and growth of average salaries, and send the Pensfond right of control over timely and full payment of ERUs.

This writes Hvilya.

Experts say that only control will not help, we need measures which will significantly increase revenues in Pensfond for withdrawing wages from the shadow.

As explained by the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva, pensions to people in uniform will increase on average by 25%. According to the Minister, we have about 550 thousand pensioners of the security forces, and their average pension — UAH 4900, so the markup will be equal to 1225 UAH, which will require additional 8 billion UAH per year. Civil (labour) pensioners, of which more than 11 million people, raising the promise since April, when the state Statistics will finally count as increased average salary in 2018, will add 50% growth and 50% inflation.

“If inflation this year will be 12%, as projected, then the calculation takes 6%. The wage Fund increased by 25%, is taken into account for 12.5%. In the amount of 18.5 percent,” the previously estimated increase in the Minister.

That is, for example, a pension of 3000 UAH can be increased from April from 555 UAH! But Pensfond (PF) should not 8 billion a year on military retirees, and much more.

To provide such payments, the government approved a bill which proposes, firstly, to increase revenue collection to the pension Fund (single social contribution from employers ERUs), and secondly, to strengthen control over the recipients of pensions. Importantly, the Cabinet wants to take control over the collection of ERU from Gospitalniy service and return it in Pensfond, as it was until 2013. As well as give PF the right to impose sanctions against heads of the enterprises and firms of non — paying ERU: to deprive of the right to drive a car, travel abroad, own firearms, to hunt. That is, the same sanctions will be applied to defaulters of the alimony and already demonstrated his efficiency. Plus the Fund will have the right to penalize the business for delay in the payment of ERUs, the penalty is 20% of the outstanding amount. According to Reva, the Ukrainian enterprise needs PF more than 12 billion UAH, that in ways I hope to recover.

Innovation will add to the problems of pensioners. Most importantly — they will have to reissue a pension certificate with a photo taken where a document is issued, to exclude the possibility of gluing someone else’s photo, and leave imprints of two fingers. Every six months, the pensioner should go to the PF office or the Bank, which puts him a pension, and personally fill out a registration card. This measure is aimed against fraud, receiving pensions for the dead, and against pensioners, allegedly was in a “big” Ukraine residing on the temporarily uncontrolled territories, as now may be retired for three years to issue a power of attorney to receive a pension. Recipients of pensions in hand, and not on the card, the money will be delivered only at the place of registration (residence permit). Lawyer Vladimir Stolitny says that in the presence of electronic registers to force seniors to check in — pointless and difficult for the elderly, including many with limited mobility:

“We have not so many receive a pension under the power of attorney, and if the PF to provide access to the registry of the deceased, then the problem is easily solved. The same applies to those who regularly crosses the border with the occupied territories.”

Economists doubt the effectiveness of the proposed measures.

“It is proposed to create a parallel of the SFS structure with the Pensfond only for administration of ERUs, as now such specialists in PF no, — said the Executive Director of the Economic discussion club Oleg Pendzin. But it is unlikely to give the effect of: if you can not cope GFS, and PF is unlikely to make more.”

But measures to impose sanctions against heads of the enterprises, check ESV, expert support.

The President Ukranalittsentra Alexander Ohrimenko believes that the collected additional 12-15 billion a year will be of little help PF deficit which is over 140 billion.

“We need tough measures to wybielanie salaries. According to the Ministry, after increasing mentorplace in 2017 to RS 3200 only in Kiev, the number of Directors receiving a minimum of two years doubled to 84 thousand. SFS should strengthen inspections of such firms, it will give much greater outcome.”

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