Ukrainian officials and MPs are not ready for a new political season – expert

Украинские чиновники и нардепы не готовы к новому политическому сезону – эксперт

For the new political season, which started in Ukraine in September 2018, officials, MPs and politicians are not ready. They publicly raise issues that are not of interest to citizens, and are not engaged in important social issues.

This opinion in comments, ГолосUA said political analyst Alexei Yakubina.

“I think Council this session demonstrates from the outset the orientation to the campaign. We see a huge number of initiatives linked to the future political race. For example, the initiative on the language, mentioned by the same speaker. Then we saw a vote for “Glory to Ukraine!”. While there is public demand for that in the country was solved socio-economic problems, but the deputies involved symbolic issues. This is an indication that, perhaps, the bread ran out and there was only spectacle. Why not to vote for social initiatives? You know, there’s “pie”. If I have something to share, our deputies, especially deputies from the government would divide the “pie”,” – said the expert.

A. Yakubina expressed the view that those politicians who have tuned into the race before the election of a new President, supply inefficient newsworthy in the media space: publicly talking about issues that do not attract the attention of Ukrainians.

“I don’t think they will vote for politicians announcing changes in army. But politicians think it will create a kind of information noise. That society will transfer their attention to these topics, apart from the socio-economic. Focus on the fact that people will talk about a certain topic, if deputies talk about it”, – he said.

Earlier, the political scientist Hovhannes Sahakyan said that before the elections, the rating of P. Poroshenko as a candidate for President of Ukraine will save achievements in the military sphere.

Presidential elections in Ukraine scheduled for 2019.

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