Ukrainian footballer Zinchenko received a severe injury of the nose in the match for man city (PHOTO)

Украинский футболист Зинченко получил тяжелую травму носа в матче за «Ман Сити» (ФОТО)

Ukraine midfielder and player of English “Manchester city” Alexander Zinchenko was unable to finish the match in the English Premier League against “Bournemouth” due to a broken nose.

About it reports the UNIAN.

Zinchenko second time in a week was in the starting lineup, “Manchester city”. This time in the match of the 14th round of the Premier League “citizens” took “Bournemouth” and won with the score 3:1.

Украинский футболист Зинченко получил тяжелую травму носа в матче за «Ман Сити» (ФОТО)

Unfortunately, Zinchenko failed to finish a match to end because of damage. Doubly offensive Ukrainians should be from the fact that his injured teammate.

Fernandinho aerially caught an elbow in the nose Zinchenko. As a result, the nose of Alexander was broken, and Josep Guardiola was issued by Ukrainian Fabian Delphi.

It should be noted that Zinchenko prior to this incident, participated in one of the goals Manchester city in this game. The injuries Zinchenko shared on his page in Instagram. “Joined the club of broken noses” – so commented on a photo Zinchenko.

We will remind, in November of 2018 Players, “Minnesota wild” and “the Winnipeg jets” staged a mass brawl during a match of the regular championship of National hockey League (NHL). The meeting was held Friday in Minneapolis and ended with the score 4:2 (0:1, 0:1, 4:0) in favor of Minnesota. Video of the fight was posted on the Sportsnet channel in YouTube.

The conflict erupted after two serious power devices. The first player “Wilde” J. T. brown crashed into Andrew Kopp from “Winnipeg”, and after partner Kopp Adam Lowry knocked out on the bench of Doala Eriksson ECA. Eventually a mass brawl between players of both teams happened on the bench for the jets.

Following the brawl, the judge has not rendered players disciplinary punishments, including those who started the fight rough. Hockey players have only two penalties.

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