Ukrainian film distribution: “Hot” the premiere of the week from 18 to 24 June

Украинский кинопрокат: «Горячие» премьеры недели с 18 по 24 июня

For moviegoers and anyone looking to watch a new movie, but doesn’t know what picture to choose, ГолосUA reports on the premiere of films of different genres that come out in Ukrainian rent from 18 to 24 June.

21 Jun

“In the power of the elements”

Action, drama, romance, adventure, Thriller – USA. Director: Baltasar Baltasar Kormákur. Starring – Shailene Woodley, Sam Claflin, grace Palmer.

Sam Claflin and Shailene Woodley in the exciting stories of survival from Director Baltasar Kormakur.

Their unexpected meeting in Tahiti was the beginning of a great love. Young and free, they go on a journey across the Pacific ocean. Suddenly their luxury yacht falls into one of the most powerful hurricanes in history. Now, not only their future but their life is at the mercy of the elements.

21 Jun


Drama, Thriller, horror, fantasy – USA. Director – Frederick Boehm. Starring – Liv Tyler, brad Dourif, Bel Pauli.

Terrible tale of 16-year-old Anna, who spent her childhood within the four walls. Her mysterious teacher intimidated the girl with the monster prowling outside and devouring children. But is freed Anna to know that this is false, as is starting to happen, spooky event.

21 Jun


Arthouse Traffic is 5 best short films at the most prestigious film awards in the world. Each film included in the collection of Oscar Shorts, has come a long way international breeding: from the local jury in each country of the world prior to approval by the Academy 5200, which confirms the artistic value of the films nominated.

“Oscar Shorts 2017” — a unique chance to see them all together on the big screen and find out what and who this year the coveted statuette.


“Silent child”

UK, 2017

Duration: 20 min.

Director: Chris Overton

Starring: Rachel Shenton, Rachel Fielding

The film tells the story of 4-year-old girl, Libby, who was born deaf.

“Elementary school DeKalb”

U.S., 2017

Duration: 21 min.

Director: Rod Van Dyke

Starring: Azor Overcoat, John Brokus, Michael brown

Story about a real call to 911 during the shooting incident in school.

“Eleven o’clock”

Australia, 2016

Duration: 13 min.

Director: Derin Sat Down. Starring: Josh Lawson, Damon Herriman.

Crazy patient psychiatrist believes that he actually is a doctor.

“Watu Wote: All of us”

Germany, Kenya, 2017

Duration: 22 min.

Director: Katja Benrath. Starring: Barkhad the Abdirahman, Faysal Ahmed, Mahad Ahmed.

For many decades Kenya has experienced terrorist attacks, together with the growing tensions and distrust between Muslims and Christians.

“My nephew Emmett”

U.S., 2017

Duration: 20 min.

Director: Kevin Wilson, Jr. Starring: Jasmine guy, Charlie Talbert.

64-year-old health Ministry Wright is trying to protect the 14-year-old nephew from two racists who decided to kill them.

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