Ukrainian film distribution: “Hot” premiere week July 2-July 8

Украинский кинопрокат: «Горячие» премьеры недели с 2 по 8 июля

For moviegoers and anyone looking to watch a new movie, but doesn’t know what picture to choose, ГолосUA reports on the premiere of films of different genres that come out in the Ukrainian rental from 2 to 8 July.

5 Jul

“Ant-man and Wasp”

Action, adventure, fantasy – USA. Director Peyton Reed. Starring – Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Hannah John-Caiman.

Kinosalona Marvel introduces a new Chapter on superheroes with a remarkable ability to decrease a Man-the ant and the wasp. After the events of “the First avenger: the Confrontation” Scott lang is faced with the consequences of his choice as a superhero and as a father. While he tries to find a balance between home life and its responsibilities ant-Man, hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym sent his urgent mission. Scott must once again suit up and fight side by side with the Wasp, until the team reveals the secrets of his past.

5 Jul

“Escape plan 2”

Action, Thriller – China, USA. Directed By Steven C. Miller. Starring – Dave Bautista, Sylvester Stallone, Jamie king.

Ray Breslin manages an elite team of security professionals trained in the art of escape from the impenetrable prison in the world. When his trusted operative of Shu Ren is kidnapped and placed in the most sophisticated prison ever built, fully computerized with the ever-changing shape, ray decides to track him down through his former friends.

5 Jul

“No sleep”

Mystery, Thriller, horror – Argentina, Spain, Uruguay. Director Gustavo Hernandez. Starring – Eva De Dominici, Natalia de Molina, Juan Manuel Giler.

In an abandoned mental hospital theatre troupe is experimenting with insomnia, preparing for a new production. After several sleepless nights, they move on to new levels of consciousness, allowing them to touch the secrets kept in the old building. Young actress Bianca who recently joined the company and fighting for the right to play the main role, is forced not only to adapt to the challenges of the new work, but also to deal with unexplained forces that threaten her life.

5 Jul

“Big bad Fox and other stories”

Cartoon – France, Belgium. Directors – Patrick Imbert, Benjamin Renner. Actors Kamel Of Abdessadak, Jules Bienvenu, Guillaume Bushed

If you believe that in the countryside there is peace and quiet, you are wrong. In fact, village life is full of dramatic events and adventures. For example, once a migratory stork throws the rabbit and the pig baby — with a request to deliver it to the address. The other day Fox unwittingly becomes the hen for three chickens, which they call his mom. And how it comes to Christmas, there are fun covers the whole farm and surrounding forests.

5 Jul

“Hot cops”

Action, Comedy – Germany. Director: Torsten Künstler. Starring – til Schweiger, Matthias Sagheer, Anne Schaefer.

Classic Comedy about partner-loser. One brain. Two cops. When you’re a COP, be ready to always come to the rescue in a difficult situation. But when your partner is an asshole, even simple tasks become difficult. But if we must come together to rescue the daughter of the Moldavian Ambassador is a disaster.

5 Jul

“You’re up, baby!”

Comedy – Germany. Director: Sven Unterwaldt ml. In roles: Caroline Kebekus, Maxim Mehmet, Arina Prokofyeva.

From the very beginning of the relationship passionate lovers Tony and mark turned to each other with a half-turn. In the course of going any means available. But everything comes to an end. How to break up, not to kill each other?

5 Jul

“Amanda and the Fox”

Comedy, family USA. Director: Joey Sylvester. Starring – Ken Alter, Joshua ray bell, Rachel Bellack.

Ten-year-old Amanda desperately wants a dog, but her dad against it. When she finds the young Fox, she and her friend Maggie secretly decide to keep her as a pet. But they have no idea what kind of trouble awaits them.

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