Ukrainian chess players have learned their first opponents for the 2018 world Cup – news ZIK.UA

Українські шахістки дізналися своїх перших суперниць на ЧС-2018 – новини ZIK.UA

3 November in Khanty-Mansiysk the start of the 2018 world Cup on chess among women. Just for the chess crown will compete 64 participants, including five representatives of Ukraine. Note that two of our players is an ex-world Champions, and another last year played in the final.

The strongest will be determined by the knockout system. Players will play two classic games: one white, the other black. In case of a draw the tie break, they will play additionally, in speed chess, then blitz, and at the end of the so – called Armageddon, the decisive game blitz, where black has less time but for the overall victory they were satisfied with a draw. We will add that in the final participant in the struggle for the world chess crown will play not two, but four classic games, reports

Among the participants of the global forum and five Ukrainians. The leaders of our national team, the famous graduate of the Lviv state University of physical culture, the sisters Anna and Maria Muzychuk and Anna Ushenina, Natalia Zhukova and Inna Gaponenko. Among our main rivals – the Chinese world champion Ju Wenjun and ex-champion tan Jung, Humpy Koneru and harika Gronwall (both India), the Russians Alexandra Kosteniuk, Kateryna Lagno, Valentina Gunna, Aleksandra goryachkina and Natalia Pogonina, as well as the Georgian Nino and Nino Jagnje Bacall.

Recall that at the last three tournaments of the Ukrainian masters below the final did not fall. In 2012 and 2015 Anna Ushenina and Mariya Muzychuk respectively become the Champions of the world, and in 2017, Anna Muzychuk was in the final.

The draw for the world Cup with the participation of Ukrainian women (the first round 1/32 final): Anna Muzychuk will meet with Hamid Rana (Bangladesh), Maria Muzychuk – Shahenda Wafa (Egypt), Anna Ushenina – Lilit Mkrtchan (Armenia), Nor Shikun (China) – Natalia Zhukova, Irina Krush (USA) – Inna Gaponenko.

If you walk the grid of the sisters Muzychuk, Anna (if successful) in the second round most likely will meet Russian Anastasia Bodnaruk, the third – Bulgarian Antoaneta Stefanova in the quarterfinals – with Alexandra Kosteniuk, in the semifinals – with Ju Wenjun. At the same time, Maria Catherine Talk (Turkey), Elizabeth patch (Germany) in the quarter – finals, with Humpy Koneru in the semi – final with Ekaterina Lahno. Of course, the decoration of the 2018 world Cup would be the final of the sisters Muzychuk.

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