Ukraine will change the rules for dealing with currency

В Украине изменятся правила обращения с валютой

In Ukraine from 7 February 2019, the new rules will earn currency to buy the dollars will be in the mail, the maximum transfer limit will increase, and some agencies and businesses will be allowed to pay salaries in dollars.

About it reports “observer”.

The law “On currency”, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in June last year. But the new rules have earned, the national Bank should adopt a set of by-laws. It will take seven months – the deadline is February 7, 2019.

When you can pay with the currency. The hryvnia, as now, remains the only currency for transactions. However, the new rules provide for certain exceptions. For example, to pay salaries in dollars are officially available sailors, diplomats, consuls and other personnel of representative offices of foreign States. Ukrainians will be able to pay off the currency in the following cases:

What will happen to currency translations. At this point without documents the Ukrainians have the right to convert currency amounts to the equivalent of 15 thousand UAH. Next year the rate will increase to 150 thousand UAH, and in the future – canceled altogether. Also the innovation will affect remittances. The limit currency is EUR 300. Next year it is planned to increase up to 10 thousand euros, and in the future to remove the specific limits for remittances.

Where you can buy foreign currency and which. will be banned. Use coins and bills with a picture of Crimea annexed by Russia in Ukraine banned. “Banknotes and coins of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation with maps, characters, buildings located in the occupied Russian Federation, administrative-territorial units of Ukraine”, – the document says. It is including on the banknote denominations of 100 rubles.

Recall 21iyunya the Verkhovna Rada from the third attempt adopted in the second reading the law “On currency.” “For” the decision voted 228 deputies.

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