Ukraine faces a new powerful cyber attack

Украине грозит новая мощнейшая кибератака

The Ukrainians threatened by a new strongest hacking of cybergroup PowerPool that will affect users of Microsoft Windows.

ESET from Slovakia, which is the development of antivirus and security software, warned that hackers may be to use a previously unused, not yet covered by the manufacturer of the vulnerability, inform

The company representatives said that the essence of a hacker attack would be to the local elevation of privilege (Local Privilege Escalation) through which malicious code is executed with the maximum allowable rights. A failure will affect various versions of Microsoft Windows operating system and is associated with the Windows task Scheduler.

It is noted that the first information about a zero-day vulnerability was disclosed on 27 August 2018. At the time of publishing security updates were missing.

Only two days after the publication of the PowerPool hackers changed the upgrade code of the system and began to use his flaw to attack users.

Experts explained that the first users will be send threat letters spam with a temporary access to your computer. This will be the first step through which the program “check it out” and give the information to a remote server. If the computer will be of interest to burglars, then it will install the backdoor, which would ensure him permanent

Further, the operators PowerPool use a zero day exploit to escalate privileges. However, their attack is aimed at a limited number of users.

Earlier in Sumy 19-year-old hacker created the virus to break into computers and spy on people.

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