Trump was determined to fire the chief of the Pentagon – media

Трамп вознамерился уволить шефа Пентагона - СМИ

The President of the United States Donald trump after the midterm elections can change the head of the Ministry of defence. This decision is due to the fact that between the President and the head of the Pentagon James Mattis, there are many differences, making their relationship strained.

This was announced on 15 September 2018, the newspaper the New York Times, citing its own sources in the Pentagon, White house and Congress.

In particular, the head of the Department americanscholarship broke up with Donald trump in views on policy regarding NATO, joint military exercises with the Republic of Korea, the US withdrawal from the agreement with Iran and other important issues.

According to the newspaper, the American President was considering “whether he wants to see the Pentagon someone who will support him more than Mattis”.

It is noted that in recent meetings with President Mattis behave carefully, trying not to show open disagreement or disobedience.

It should be recalled that in November last year, the official Twitter account of the Ministry of defense had published a post urging us to send trump to resign. Later the post was removed, and the representative of the Pentagon Dana white explained that the incident occurred due to an error one of the employees.

United States President directly heads the entire Executive branch of government, Ministers are subject to him as head of the government.

6 November 2018 – half of the first term of the trump in the U.S. will be the interim parliamentary elections. On this day, Americans need to elect a third of the senators, and fully lower house of Congress.

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