Trump told how to respond to Putin’s policy towards Ukraine

Трамп рассказал, как будет реагировать на политику Путина в отношении Украины

The United States cannot allow to happen “certain things” that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be planning in Ukraine.

This was stated by the President of the United States Donald trump, reports “Voice of America”.

“I am not able to read his thoughts. No one else can. He knows what he wants, but we can’t afford to let certain things happened. But they have happened. I can’t be a part of it,” trump said in response to a question about his understanding of Putin’s strategy against Ukraine.

Trump reiterated that the actions of Russia in relation to Ukrainian sailors in the Kerch Strait caused the cancellation of their meeting with Putin.

“Because of what happened in Ukraine, ships and sailors, the time for the meeting was no more successful,” he said.

At the same time, trump intends to meet with Putin, but at the “appropriate time”.

“I will meet with him. It seems to me that we have a very good relationship, and I think we will have very good relations with Russia, China and everyone else. I think this is important. I’ll meet him in due time,” said trump.

Earlier trump was not greeted with Putin at the G20 summit.

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