Travesty diva Monroe shared archive photos

Травести-дива Монро поделилась архивным фото

Travesty diva Monroe, which showed her “transformation”, shared with fans of archival photos of youthful times.

On the page in Instagram Monroe posted the picture, which appears at 16 years of age.

Травести-дива Монро поделилась архивным фото

As told by the artist, this image was made on a student ticket. In the picture Monroe is depicted prior to its reincarnation, and posing when I was a boy named Alexander. Fans said that in his youth Monroe looked very nice.

“Class! Curly hair”, “how lovely! Wonderful extensions”, “Fucking the young beauty,” “Beautiful, still, and wise. Bitch”, “Mom and dad didn’t skimp! Beautiful baby” – photo comments users.

One of the followers asked Monroe, “when she had a 100 percent understanding that she is different.” What a travesty-diva replied, “it was Difficult to understand that I’m just like everyone and deserve the same feelings and respect for everyone!”.

Previously, Monroe criticized the outfit of Zlata ognevich.

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