Trauma advised how to behave on the roadway in icy conditions

Травматолог посоветовал, как вести себя на проезжей части в гололед

On the frozen highway vehicles are unable to brake sharply, because even on “Zebra” should not go on the roadway directly in front of moving traffic, and in the event of a fall

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the surgeon Valentine Brown.

Rescuers SSES would like to remind pedestrians that they are not alone, but motorists suffer from icy roads. Therefore it is very important that in extreme weather conditions on the roads were all attentive.

During the ice in any case do not cross and do not cross the road (even on “Zebra”) before close going transport. Because the roadway is not less slippery than the sidewalk and braking of the machine may be difficult, the vehicle can enter that in the end could have extremely unpleasant consequences.

During the ice come out of the house in advance, as you would not be late, do not run! Better to be late for 15 minutes and listen to the displeasure of the boss, than to miss a month of work and stay at home with plaster, suggests the expert.

“In case of a fall on the roadway, try to quickly get up and retreat to a safe place if it’s hard – ask for help passers-by or simply rolled to the curb. However, if you felt a sharp pain and I suspect a serious injury, do not attempt to stand on their own, better ask someone to call the doctor and help you to walk to the nearest stop or benches. Psychologically it is hard for people to accept this behavior and ask for help, because they are trying quickly to get up, even if you feel that you have damaged a bone or ligament – it is fundamentally wrong, think about yourself and your health, not about how it looks from the outside,” says the doctor.

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