Transformation of the leading show “Zvazhenі ta schaslivi”: before and after gaining weight

Transformation of the leading show "Zvazhenі ta schaslivi": before and after gaining weight
Transformation of the leading show “Zvazhenі ta schaslivi”: before and after gaining weight
This year, the creators of the show “Zvazhenі ta schaslivi” will introduce the audience not only to how to deal with excess weight, but also how to gain the right quality weight. In the special rubric # stopanoreksia, the presenter Miroslava Ulyanina, who recently revealed the five secrets of the right dinner, together with specialists will deal with a complex psychological problem, the causes of her appearance and the methods of treatment.

For the first time in the project, the presenter is gaining weight. A year ago, Miroslava was so carried away by proper nutrition and constant weight loss that she did not notice how the weight reached 38 kg, which is much lower than the norm with her growth. Due to the fact that the facilitator realized the problem in time and stopped, thanks to the support of her parents, she coped with the weight and now it is more than 50 kg. On his experience, Miroslava will tell viewers and participants how to gain weight.

“Quality weight gain is heavier than weight loss, because it is necessary to do this not harmful food that goes to fatty deposits and cellulite, but by proper training and healthy nutrition in the complex.” Lose weight in this plan is easier, because when we lose weight, we lose the fat layer It is dumped simply enough if you add cardio workouts, reduce the caloric content of the diet and remove some foods, because you are dropping something that is superfluous in the body.It is only necessary to give the right impetus.The organism understands it and with joy, goes to you in the East I talk and fold, “- says the presenter and a nutrition consultant.

Many people say about losing weight, and almost everyone knows how to do it. Just do not all. The question of weight gain rarely rises. And in part because it’s harder.

“For weight gain, I combined training and nutrition, I removed the cardio workouts that dry the body and help lose weight, added exactly the power loads that give rise to muscle mass.” Exercises with dumbbells, weights, bars. “In nutrition, I increased the caloric content of the diet with proteins that help muscle growth, proteins are the building material for the body, it is impossible to gain mass without them, I also added leguminous, useful vegetable fats (seeds, nuts, avocado), and left the greens, which I love and which is useful for I am every person, despite the fact that he is losing weight, gaining or holding, “- shares his experience Miroslava. The new season of the show “Zvazhenі ta schaslivi” started on August 30.

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