Tranche from the IMF will not have any impact on the hryvnia exchange rate – the economist

Транш от МВФ не окажет никакого влияния на курс гривны – экономист

Provide Ukraine tranche in the amount of 1.5-1.9 billion dollars for the program stend-by from the International monetary Fund will not affect the hryvnia exchange rate, as the impact of foreign economic conditions in terms of inflow and outflow of currency.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA was announced by economic expert Victor Skarshevsky.

“The next tranche from the IMF will not have any impact on the hryvnia, because it never happened before, for 23 years of Ukraine’s cooperation with the IMF. In periods of rapid devaluation did this for two or three days to slow down its pace, but had no effect on the rate of the national currency, the influence of foreign economic situation”, – said the economist.

V. Skarshevsky also noted that the exchange rate of the country depends on foreign economic conditions – as the inflow and outflow of currency. As the expert explained, when the inflows sharply reduced, and the outflow remains the same or increases, then there is a devaluation. And the IMF loan.

“As for the granting Ukraine IMF tranche of about $ 2 billion, it is a common practice in the framework of stand-by, according to which, as a rule, first give the first half of the amount. Exactly the same in Ukraine was expecting the tranche on the previous program. But if the previous programme included the first payment five years from now, according to the program of expanded financing, credit more rastegin in time and it will need to pay in two years”, – the economist summarized.

We will remind, on Thursday, November 1, said the first Deputy head of the National Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova reported that the volume of the first tranche under a new cooperation program with the International monetary Fund could reach 1.5- $ 1.9 billion.
“Recently, Yakov Smoliy said (tranche) can be expected before the end of the year. In terms of amounts – it can be, I think a maximum of between 1.5 – 1.9 billion USD.”, – said Rozhkov.
She reminded that the main condition for getting these funds is the adoption by Ukraine of the budget for the year 2019.

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