“Trade war” between China and the United States will end only after the resignation of tramp – European analyst

«Торговая война» между Китаем и США завершится только после отставки Трампа – европейский аналитик

The aggravated economic confrontation between China and the United States will be minimized only after the departure of the current President of the USA of Donald trump from his post in the White House.

A personal opinion expressed European Explorer Janis Papadakis in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA.

According to the analyst, neither currently nor in the foreseeable future D. trump is not going to make any concessions to Beijing on the issue of mutual import and export duties, so to talk about changing the course of Washington makes no sense. “For anybody not a secret that trump and his team consider China not only as its political enemy, but also as “economic enemies,” said he. – Thus, the “trade war” between the two States will only end with the resignation of the current American leader.” In addition, J. Papadakis did not rule out a new conflict between China and the United States in the economic sphere.

We will remind, on the eve of the official Beijing announced its intention to introduce a “mirror fee” on imported to China products from the United States. Thus, the total loss to Washington can be more than 200 billion dollars. Informed US that in mid-August this year, has already banned the import of hundreds of Chinese goods, said that “America will punish China for such destabilization”.

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