Today starts the championship of Ukraine in water Polo of the season-18/19 – news ZIK.UA

Сьогодні стартує чемпіонат України з водного поло сезону-18/19 – новини ZIK.UA

Today, October 18, at a water Playground pool MiComp in Kamenskoe Dnipropetrovsk region will be played opening match of the first round XXVIIІ of the Ukrainian Championship in water Polo among men’s clubs of the super League season-18/19.

In the main competition at the national level of the season-2018/2019, the fight for the title begin six clubs: the reigning champion of the country in Lviv, “Dynamo”, the winner of national Cup and super Cup team of the Kharkiv region, the bronze prize-winner of the previous season VK Mariupol and Kharkiv club of NTU-KHPI, the winner of the Highest League of the Lviv team LUFC and youth team of Ukraine U-17, formed from players under the age born in 2002, according to

In the first phase, which will involve two rounds, will be known Quartet, who will continue to fight for the medals – team the second, final stage will play four rounds, and each of the finalists will be the host of one of the tours. The champion and prize winners will be determined by the sum of the results of all six rounds.

Both the Lviv team arrived to the place of holding the first round of the national Cup yesterday morning, and in the evening held a training session at a water Playground pool, MiComp, which actually will make the first two rounds of the main competition at the national level. But tonight Dynamo and LUFC will converge in internal opposition. Lviv Derby will start at 19:45. The coaches of both of our teams decided on the application for the first round matches of the super League season-2018/2019. The Dynamo have three players from Croatia, but note that unlike the matches in the Cup and the super Cup of Ukraine, according to the Regulations of the national championship at the same time on the Playground may be the only two players who have the citizenship of another state.

Team “Dynamo” Lviv

goalkeepers – Konstantin Nikolsky (1997), Zachary Fedorko (2002)

defenders – Srdjan Antonuk (1985), Yuri Mamtu (1987)

moving forwards Maxime Ratkov (1989), Alexander dyadyura (1988), Marco Martn (1990), Vladislav Babanco (1989), Oleg Dobos (1978), Artemia Tolstikov (2003), Artem Petrusenko (2002) Yaroslav Kulikov (2000), Yuri Owl (2000)

posts – Vladimir Voytenko (1989), Jure Marela (1980)

coaches – Alexei Shvedov, Denis Bolonchuk, Eugene Skiba


goalkeepers – Nestor Babsky (2000), Jaroslav Poritsky (2000)

defenders Roman Grishchuk (1996), Igor Kececi (2001), Vladimir Bulechek (2002), Igor Jakóbiec (2002)

moving forwards – Konstantin Alekseev (2001), Maxim Osyka (2001), Michael Lswy (2000), Anton Pogosyan (2000), Vladislav Panchanan (2002), Vitaliy Stepanyuk (2002)

posts – Orest Jura (2000), Genghis Aghajanov (2003)

coach – Yuri Sidorovich Igor Zinkevich

Сьогодні стартує чемпіонат України з водного поло сезону-18/19 – новини ZIK.UA

Water Polo. Men. Championship 2018/2019. Superleague. The first round

18 – 21 October 2018. Kamenskoe. Pool MiComp

The main judge of competitions – Valery Savon (Kyiv, national category)

The judges: Sergey Goncharov (the Dnieper, the international category), Vladimir Kapinus (Mariupol, international category), Paul Treschuk (Odessa, national category), Vladimir Gavrilenko (Uzhgorod, the first category), Taras Boots (Lviv, first category).


On the first day. October 18 (Thursday)

18:30. The team of Kharkiv region – NTU–KHPI Kharkov

19:45. “Dynamo” Lviv – Lviv LUFC

21:00. VK “Mariupol” – the national Team of Ukraine U-17

The second day of October 19 (Friday)

10:00. NTU–KHPI Kharkov – Lviv LUFC

11:15. The National Team Of Ukraine U-17 – “Dynamo” Lviv

12:30. The team of Kharkiv region – VC “Mariupol”

18:30. “Dynamo” Lviv – NTU–KHPI Kharkov

19:45. LUFC Lviv – VK “Mariupol”

21:00. The team of Kharkiv region – Ukraine U-17

Day three. October 20 (Saturday)

18:30. The team of Kharkiv region – “Dynamo” Lviv

19:45. VK “Mariupol” – NTU–KHPI Kharkov

21:00. LUFC Lviv – Ukraine U-17

Fourth day. 21 Oct (Sunday)

08:30. “Dynamo” Lviv – VK “Mariupol”

09:45. NTU–KHPI Kharkov – Ukraine U-17

11:00. The team of Kharkiv region – LUFC lions

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