To strengthen the child’s immunity in the season of cold will help tea with raspberries and rose hips – the doctor

Укрепить иммунитет ребенка в сезон простуды помогут чай из малины и шиповника - врач

In the season of flu and colds all the drinks in children’s diets, except plain water, it is necessary to replace vitamin and anti-virus broth.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the pediatrician Valentina Blyznyuk.

Folk remedies offer you a lot of recipes strengthen the immune system, but the expert believes that not all of them are appropriate for a child.

“To be treated or to be prevented decoction “aggressive” of plants and herbs that in one way or another affect the perspiration, the blood or internal organs is possible only after consultation with the relevant specialist, and to support the immune system of the child will help decoctions or teas with added Echinacea, ginseng, licorice and lemongrass. These plants support the body’s defenses, but to abuse them is still not worth it – a Cup of fragrant drink a day is quite enough,” said the doctor.

In the season of colds very useful broth hips – it contains the valuable vitamin C, which is directly linked to the immune system. The beverage can be mixed with honey and drink cold, as a compote. Replace store-bought juices and sugar water can the fruit drinks on the basis of ground cranberries – it contains many valuable trace elements and vitamins.

“For the prevention of colds it is recommended to cook for a child’s tea from the leaves and twigs of raspberry, chamomile, Linden, black currant leaves and strawberries, to cope with the virus also help eucalyptus and mint,” added the doctor.

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