To save France from a new revolution can only be a Referendum for the resignation of President and government of the European human rights

Спасти Францию от новой революции может лишь Референдум об отставке президента и правительства – европейский правозащитник

To prevent another civil strife in France may only declare the official Paris the popular voting on whether to stay in power in the country, French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister of the state of Edouard Philippe.

A personal opinion expressed by the European human rights activist Alexander Mitts in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA.

“The world witnessed unprecedented events in the capital of the Fifth Republic, and other large cities of France, stated, in particular, he said. – Already for anybody not a secret, what even in case of forceful suppression of mass demonstrations that him and Philip briefly remain in power: their ratings in the nation are plummeting”. As stressed by A. Mitts, the way out of this situation would be solely a Referendum, which will strengthen the resignation of the President and Cabinet of the country. “No other way”, – said the analyst.

We will remind, on December 8 during clashes of militiamen with demonstrators in Central Paris, injured more than 400 people, and about a thousand have been arrested. Mass protests continue in France this is the third week – local residents initially opposed the increase in fuel prices, and then demanded additional social benefits to the poor. “Dissent” dressed in yellow waistcoats, employees of public utilities, associated in the society with the most financially vulnerable citizens.

According to preliminary reports, the protests resulted in additional financial problems for the Elysee Palace: the damage from the thousands of cars burned and hundreds of buildings in Paris have exceeded several billion euros.

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