Tired of being laughed about excess weight: 150-pound Russian woman year was pretending to be pregnant – news ZIK.UA

A woman from Kamchatka weighing more than 150 kg a year was pricipals pregnant and get a maternity.

It is reported znaj.

Втомилась від глузувань з приводу зайвої ваги: 150-кілограмова росіянка рік прикидалася вагітною – новини ZIK.UA

32-year-old woman who weighs more than 150 pounds, worked as a school accountant. According to her, she was always completed due to the weight and that’s why he went to such a curious deception.

A year ago she has come on survey to the gynecologist at the clinic and said that she had delayed menstruation. The doctor told her to do ultrasound and tests, but first was diagnosed with “pregnancy without a certain time”.

The girl has not passed the necessary examinations, but after a month came back for re-inspection. For a month she had gained weight and the doctors decided not to see her. The woman claims that she was trying to tell the doctors that she is expecting a child, but, according to her, she was almost in the hallway of the doctors shoved a pregnancy certificate, and she left.

This reference woman brought to work, and she paid 263 thousand Russian rubles (more than 4 thousand dollars USA).

However, sooner or later the deception was to be revealed. Six months passed and school accounts Department needed help, to give birth. Of course, she came to the hospital, but the doctors came to her home. They the door the woman opened and refused to talk. Then the doctors had to call the police.

To comment on the situation, the woman refused, but her friends told the press her version of events. According to them, the woman didn’t need the money, it was not the cause of his crimes. She’s just tired from the constant bullying and ridicule about her appearance and excess weight.

Thus she wanted to prove to everyone around that extra weight she’s using vast and in her personal life all is well. Unfortunately, she chose not the best way to inform acquaintances. By the way, the school accountant is a 14-year-old daughter. But it is, apparently, not an indication that in life the woman all is well.

A sinner brought a criminal case under article “Fraud on a large scale”.

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