Tina Kandelaki vs. the Trump family: find out who gets the Calvin Klein dress for $ 2,500

Tina Kandelaki vs. the Trump family: find out who gets the Calvin Klein dress for $ 2,500
Tina Kandelaki vs. the Trump family: find out who gets the Calvin Klein dress for $ 2,500

For the outputs of the stars in identical dresses, not only SPLETNIK.RU is closely following. A fashionable battle in its Instagram-account was arranged today and 42-year-old Tina Kandelaki. Telediva noticed that at the NATO summit, 48-year-old Melania Trump appeared in a dress from Calvin Klein with the original turn-down white-green collar worn by Kandelaki herself.
Tina immediately invited her subscribers to choose whom this outfit goes to more. It is interesting that in our battle in this dress the TV star also managed to take part. Incidentally, she was battling with another representative of the family of the current US president, Ivanka Trump, who chose the same dress, but a bright red color. The victory then remained for Kandelaki. We propose to arrange a triple fashionable battle and find out who this dress goes to more.

The outfit is part of the collection of the spring-summer season of 2018, which Raf Simons, like his debut collection for Calvin Klein, devoted to the search for American identity. The designer described it as a line telling about “American horror and American beauty”. This dress, worth almost $ 2,500, clearly illustrates the second part of this concept.

The opinions of Kandelaki’s Instagram subscribers, however, were divided. Someone gave a voice to Tina, noting the interesting coloring of the shoes with which she supplemented the image – the standard neutral boats (by the way, from Christian Louboutin), who preferred Mrs. Trump, seem to have got bored with everyone. Someone thought that on a high Melania dress sits better than on a miniature Kandelaki. Well, someone and could not decide on the choice between the two beauties.

The shoes made an image !! And you are ahead for a few spans;)

Well, Melania is no match for anyone

Both are super)

No one was left to the side of the discussion – the battle caused an unprecedented stir among the subscribers. For a couple of hours the post has collected more than 35 thousand likes. And although the selection of the shoes of Melanie was condemned by the subscribers of Kandelaki, it should be noted that the white shoes were perfectly combined with the white border, with which the skirt was trimmed from the underside, – decorative trim was visible when Melania Trump sat down at a meeting with other first ladies at the music academy in Waterloo . Such attention to even barely noticeable details speaks of Melania’s serious attitude toward her image.

Ivanka Trump put on a similar dress, but a bright red color, during her trip to Peru to the Americas summit in April this year.

It should be noted that Melania Trump continues to follow her course for fashionable patriotism – she chooses the clothes from the American brand Calvin Klein not for the first time. A characteristic feature of her style are dresses with wide skirts.

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