This year is very bad for people with allergies: the explanation of the doctor

Этот год очень неудачный для аллергиков: объяснения врача

There are seasonal allergies and food allergies, which can manifest itself in the winter.

Such opinion during the press-conference in information Agency “ГолосUA” said the doctor immunologist-allergist of the highest category Alexander Nazarenko.

This year for Allergy sufferers is very unfortunate, said Alexander Nazarenko.

“The trees bloomed in the spring we have a huge number, but not for long. Ragweed and mugwort beginning to bloom in late summer, starting in July. The climate of Ukraine is changing, we now have almost subtropical, high humidity, where there is a huge amount of pollen in the air. However, if there is dry weather, then the Allergy will be a lot of work,” said the allergist.

According to A. Nazarenko, symptoms of an allergic reaction are nasal congestion, sneezing, itching in the ears and nose, and if the toxins go down, then it is asthma. It is necessary to know that protein can be not only in pollen but also in many products of plant food. Person having Allergy with ragweed, protein can get from food, and it leads to dermatitis. That is, there is a seasonal Allergy is a food Allergy, which can occur in the winter.

“Allergy is a dangerous disease, when the disease may have swelling Kwinke, anaphylactic shock, which is fatal. The ancient sages called Allergy bag with a hundred diseases”, – said Alexander Nazarenko.

According to immunologist, Allergy treatment need two main things – a diagnosis (there are minor and major proteins) and, in fact, therapy. Upon the occurrence of signs of an allergic reaction to the person you first need to understand what is this an allergic reaction – true or false. If a person has a problem with some infection – inflamed mucosa, for example, in this case, the pollen will act as a stimulus, this allergic reaction is false. Another question, if the Allergy is true. When a person is sensitive to specific plant protein, the body produces increased amounts of antibodies. All will depend on the contact with the allergen.

“By the way, a lot of Europeans are treated at us because we are cheaper in 2-3 times. Our costs are mostly to expensive reagents and expensive medications. When the patient comes in and says that it is very expensive. However, we must understand that people, passing special therapy, getting rid of expensive daily treatment, when every day is buying inhalers and other needed medications. For a purse Ukrainian treatment at the clinic costs a month to 1500 UAH. Therapy lasts for 2-2,5 years, before such therapy was conducted 5-7 years. In General, this therapy was performed for more than 100 years,” concluded the doctor.

Recall, Allergy is one of the most common diseases on Earth and over the years the incidence of allergic reactions is only growing. Allergy is a hypersensitivity of the organism to the effects of certain environmental factors: chemicals, microorganisms and their metabolic products, food products, etc. the basis for the development of Allergy is the sensitization process of the acquisition of organism-specific increased sensitivity to foreign substances.

If you are allergic in the human body produces antibodies to specific proteins contained in the allergen.

Increased production of immunoglobulin E causes the release of fat cells, one type of white blood cells — are biologically active substances, including histamine, which leads to edema, spasm of smooth muscle, palpitations.

One of the risk factors for the development of allergies is genetic predisposition. There is also a theory of the influence of hygiene, according to which the observance of hygienic norms leads to the fact that in childhood a person’s immune system is not loaded enough and eventually begins to fight even with harmless substances. Theory is supported by epidemiological data on the growth of wealth and purity in the country correspondingly increases and the frequency of allergic reactions.

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