This BP is the worst in the history of parliamentarism in Ukraine – analyst

Этот состав ВР является самым худшым за всю историю парламентаризма в Украине – политолог

This composition of the Verkhovna Rada is one of the worst if not the worst, in the entire history of parliamentarism in Ukraine.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said political expert Valentin Gaidai.

“We need to look at the root, because the smoke without fire does not happen. Poor bills and resulting laws, with a light feeding Parubiy, implemented because we have less and less competent people in Parliament. That is, we are not politicians, and the politicians – I’d like these concepts to distinguish between. Are all who do not understand the economy, legal policy, international relations and so on. It is no secret that according to many (ordinary citizens and various studies) this Parliament one of the worst if not the worst in the history of parliamentarism in Ukraine. There are too many incompetent people, a lobby of certain forces both in Ukraine and in our country. This determines the productivity of the Parliament, which is why he takes such poor laws,” – said the analyst.

According to Viktor Gaidai, of course, if the Parliament lawyers, economists, MPs would be less biased from one or another political power, financial-industrial groups or pressure from outside. In this case, we would have had a more pragmatic and productive Parliament.

Recall that two-thirds of the bills that are registered by MPs in 2018, are of poor quality, reports the Committee of voters of Ukraine, citing data from the Main scientific expert Department of the Verkhovna Rada.
For the period of January-June, the Department provided expert opinions for 160 bills that was in 2018. Of these, 99, or 62%, it was recommended to reject or return for revision. Compared to the 2017 year, the number of legislative spam increased by 5%.
The most common causes for the criticism of the bills was their legal incorrectness, contradiction of existing legislation or even the lack of need for adoption of a separate law.
Some of the bills that received a negative opinion, GNEW, can be considered as pre-election populism, noted in the Committee of voters. Also, traditionally negative findings received the bills of social orientation.
According to article 103 of the law “On Regulations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine” was included in the agenda of the session the bill in preparation for the first reading of the mandatory sent for scientific examination. The findings of the examination are forwarded to the main Committee for consideration when discussing the draft law and decision on further work on it.


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