Theresa may will invite Parliament to support the agreement on Brexit 11 Dec

Тереза Мэй предложит парламенту поддержать соглашение по Brexit 11 декабря

The Prime Minister and Theresa may focuses on how to convince members of Parliament to support an agreement on Brexit, on 11 December, not to prepare a backup plan.

Reports about it “European truth”.

“We in the government are focused on voting, which will take place on 11 December. We will explain to Parliament why we think it’s a good thing for the UK,” said may.

“I ask every member of Parliament to consider the approval of a referendum and to do it in a way that matches national interests to do so in a way that is consistent with the interests of their constituents, as the deal protects jobs and livelihoods,” added the Prime Minister.

Theresa may said that if the legislators refuse to the deal, the UK leaving the EU without agreement or even stay in the European Union. On the question of which of these two options was more likely if the agreement falls through, she didn’t give a specific answer.

“We have not had a vote. Focus on the transaction, which we agreed with Evrosousom” she said.

Earlier, Theresa may, promised to seek “appropriate sanctions” against Russia. The UK calls on Russia to free the military ships of Ukraine, captured in the Kerch Strait, and will continue to insist on “appropriate sanctions” against Russia. This statement was made by British Prime Minister Theresa may.

And Spain has sharply changed his mind to block Brexit from Gibraltar. On Saturday, November 24, the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez stated that he was able to negotiate with Britain on the future of Gibraltar. Therefore, Madrid will not block a deal on the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

We will remind, members of the conservative party (tories), whose leader is the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may have enough votes to begin the process of her removal from power. They want to make it 20 Nov. About it reports on Friday, November 16, Sky news.”The threshold of 48 letters of distrust will be overcome today. They believe that the issue of no confidence to the Prime Minister was put to a vote on Tuesday,” said the British journalist Christopher hope on Twitter.

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