Theresa may has promised to provide new information on the case of poisoning of Violinists news ZIK.UA

Тереза Мей пообіцяла надати нову інформацію у справі отруєння Скрипалів – новини ZIK.UA

Prime Minister Theresa may will tell other EU leaders about the latest developments of the investigation in the case of poisoning ex-the employee of GRU of the Russian Federation Sergei Skripal at the informal summit in Salzburg on Thursday.

This was reported by the Brussels correspondent of “Radio Liberty” Rikard Jozwiak in the Twitter, transfers “European truth”.

British security Minister Ben Wallace made earlier that the government delayed the response to the attack by nerve agent in Salisbury, as a new series of sanctions against corrupt Russian officials will also be postponed for up to two years. Wallace said that Russian President Vladimir Putin bears ultimate responsibility for the poisoning of Sergey and Julia the Violinist in Salisbury.

As long as Britain remains an EU member, it must reach agreement with all member States, because sanctions are imposed at the block level.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Jeremy hunt said that the EU has agreed to sanctions regime for using chemical weapons, so Britain will put pressure on partners to this mode as soon as possible to put in place against Russia. The EU is no possibility of strengthening sanctions against Russia.

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