The unknown object was rotated around the bell tower of the Church in Italy (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Неизвестный объект вращался вокруг колокольни храма в Италии (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

In Italy over the temple hovered a strange glowing object that seemed to have descended from the sky to the Cathedral.

This is reported

Amazing picture watched the group of people who were near the Cathedral in Oristano (Italy). In the evening the weather man was sitting in the car and looked at the dome of the temple. The witness could not continue, so as to go on the road was impossible.

Suddenly, the man noticed a strange light that seemed to come down from the sky to the Cathedral. According to an eyewitness, the unknown object was rotated around the bell tower, and then disappeared in an instant. Along with a man of such notice, the other participants of road traffic, which also stood in a traffic jam because of the terrible weather.

No one can really explain what was captured on camera by a man. Perhaps it was ball lightning, unidentified flying object, or a manifestation of supernatural forces.

We will remind, well-known researcher from the United States found evidence of a city on Mars that NASA was hiding. According to “UFO hunter” on the planet’s surface can be discerned the traces of the buildings, and even fragments of vehicles.

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