The Ukrainians spread lies: “fake about fake” attracted millions of viewers – news ZIK.UA

Як українці поширюють брехню: Експериментальний «фейк про фейк» зібрав мільйонну аудиторію – новини ZIK.UA

One of the Ukrainian programs conducted an experiment during which they created a fake and posted it on social media to show how society disseminates false information. And highlight that in the post it was about the fact that it is fake – you just need to read it.

This is stated on page in Facebook a humorous news program “TV Toronto”.

“Black horse” was the name coined by journalists game that resembled the “Blue whale”, “Red owl”, “Momo”. In the post it was reported that the children who play it, leave home and not come back. Two weeks fake gathered more than 20 thousand reposts and a million hits.

“And now really scary! Our fake about the “Black horse”, which we launched two weeks ago, collected 20 thousand and million reposts coverage. It was a post inside of which was a refutation of terrible information in the picture. So we wanted to test how manipulative images and text can cause the desire repost”, – stated on the program page.

In addition, the moderator noted that the worldwide spread these fake materials and it has serious consequences. For example, in India this summer through fakes on the abduction of children killed over twenty innocent man of men. In Mexico two weeks ago killed two innocent men for similar fakes.

In Ukraine also there are many such fakes, that appeal to human emotions, attracting the attention of a manipulative image and text.

We will remind, in Ukraine conducted a study whose results showed that the fake sites Ukrainians more read than the most popular resources.

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