The Ukrainians should expect further fuel price hike – expert

Украинцам стоит ожидать дальнейшего подорожания топлива - эксперт

The rise in prices of petroleum products in Ukraine, primarily due to the fact that growing oil market fell and the hryvnia.

This commentary, ГолосUA said the ex-President of the “Association of oil market operators of Ukraine” Leonid kosyanchuk.

“We must clearly understand that in the retail price of fuel present monetary dependence by 90%. This means that if the national currency loses 10 cents on the dollar, that means 8 cents per liter you receive the economic prerequisite for fair prices,” – said the expert.

According to him, taking into account the anticipated devaluation of the national currency is expected to further rise in price of fuel is of the order of RS 1.80 per liter by the end of 2018.

“In addition, if the budget includes about 30 hryvnia to the dollar and the national Bank we will fail, we will get another plus two hryvnia in the price of gasoline to what is already there and then we will think are we interested in new rules for Parking or tram it is the same”, – concluded the expert.

As reported, the first week of October spoiled the mood of the Ukrainian drivers: five days of fuel at the pump has risen on the hryvnia. Thus, according to the consulting group “A-95”, the average cost of gasoline A-95 went up from 32.08 UAH/l to 33.03 UAH/liter. Maximum price tags were even higher. For example, in some networks of stations a liter of A-95 costs UAH of 35.49.

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