The UK can remain part of the EU – European expert

Великобритания может остаться частью ЕС – европейский эксперт

United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland has the full right to remain in the structure of the European Union, despite the intentions of the current British Prime Minister Theresa may finally announce the exit of Albion of the common institutions of the EU (Brexit).

This was stated by a European expert in international law Alexander Mitts in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA.

“London will not terminate its presence in the EU only if current Prime Minister of Britain will resign – said, in particular, he. – Given that the rating may in the House of Lords (the upper part of the British Parliament, – Ed.) at the moment zero, it is simply obliged to resign. In this case, the problem Brexit will be removed from the agenda of the European Union”.

We will remind, on the eve of the advocate General at the European Court of justice Manuel Campos sánchez-Bordon officially stated that Brexit is “legal error” and affirmed the right of British subjects to challenge the “divorce London with the European family.” Earlier in the course of a popular vote for a British exit from the EU voted 51.3% of local residents.

At the moment tens of thousands of British people in favour of full cooperation with a United Europe.

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