The team of the Lviv “Dynamo” in the second round, won the first victory in the Champions League-18/19 – news ZIK.UA

Ватерполісти львівського «Динамо» у другому турі здобули першу перемогу в Лізі чемпіонів-18/19 – новини ZIK.UA

In the Romanian Brasov, where a water Playground pool “Olympic” continues the tournament of group “A” in the first qualifying round of Champions League water Polo season-18/19, today, September 14, the teams will play the matches of the second and third rounds – morning and evening respectively.

Now ended the morning of the second day’s play water battles, among which participants there are and the current champion of Ukraine in Lviv, “Dynamo”, reports

Recall that opponents of the “white-blue” in the fight for the four spot in the second round of the qualification is BPM Sport Management (Busto Arsizio, Italy), Pays d’aix (AIX-EN-Provence, France), Tbilisi (Georgia), Enka Sport (Istanbul, Turkey) and the host of the tournament Corona Sportul Studentesc (Brasov, Romania). It is with the latter yesterday played Dinamo was defeated with the score 4:9. So today, in the first game of the second day against VC “Tbilisi” Galicians had no right to kill. And looking ahead, say that the task to win the “blue and white lions” managed. Although started for our team, the match is not the best way. And all in chronological order.

VK “Tbilisi” (Georgia) – “Dynamo” (Lviv, Ukraine) – 6:10 (3:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:1)

September 14. Start – 09:30. Brasov. Pool “Olympic”. 75 spectators.

REFEREES: Vladimir Galkin (Russia), Philip Whlg (Germany).

VK “TBILISI” 1. Beka Kapanadze, 13. Georgi, Barabadze – 2. Levan Chikviladze, 3. Tornike Diasamidze, 4. Revaz Mnaul, 5. Sandro Adeishvili, 6. Kakha Samurasul, 7. Chua Achaia, 8. Guram Kuchuashvili, 9. Zurab Rurua (captain), 10. Georgi Magrakvelidze, 11. Valiko Dadan, 12. George Meskhi.

Coaches Revaz Camaje, David Guajara, Tamaz Kutivadze.

“DYNAMO: 1. Konstantin Nikolsky, 13. Nestor Babsky – 2. Srdan Antonuk, 3. Yuri Mamtu, 4. Maxim Ratkov, 5. Alexander dyadyura (captain), 6. Roman Grischuk 7. Alexander Abramov, 8. Marco Martn, 9. Vladislav Babanco, 10. Vladimir Voitenko, 11. Jure Marella, 12. Nikita Apostol.

Coaches – Alexei Shvedov, Denis Bolonchuk.

GOALS: Mnaul (00:41), Akha (02:23, 07:14), Rurua (09:00, 28:47, at most), Meskhetians (18:02 in the majority) – Marilia (03:46, at most, 13:15, most 20:13), Martinc (07:59, 11:29, at most, 15:14, at most, 17:29, 25:41, at most), Antonuk (17:03, 23:58 most).

FOULS: Acha (03:32, 19:49, 25:28), Diasamidze (07:37, 30:27), Mnaul (11:11, 21:23), Dadan (12:56), he is (14:55), Kuchuashvili (16:35), Meskhetians (23:52) – dyadyura (00:20), Martinc (01:57, 22:09), Matiw (05:23, 13:33), Abramov (11:49, 17:46, 19:10), Antonic (20:35, 28:29).

DELETE TO END GAME WITH the RIGHT REPLACEMENT: Acha (25:28, three fouls) – Abramov (19:10, three fouls).

Implementation of the MAJORITY: two goals / ten attempts, six goals / eleven attempts.

As in yesterday’s game with the masters tournament, the beginning of the reporting meeting for the Dynamo to put it mildly, was not the best way. The teams played less than three minutes, and we “burned” 0:2. First Mnaul emptied his gun and flashed Nikolsky, when it ended fine for dadura, and subsequently Acha made elegantly witty combination waterbolts from the capital of Georgia. As he said after the game Jurassic Morella, the consequences of the lack of experience our team matches at this level. But for fifteen minutes of effective attack carried out by “white-blue”. The same Morella successfully opened on its position of the pole and managed to finish the drawing excess. Just say, a little running popered batko… you know where that just after the excellent implementation of the numerical majority has become almost the main factor in our victory. Really the first quarter we lost by one goal difference. In the last minute of “pruning” in the attack on the opponents ‘ half ended with the Georgians, catching the round, a long ball forward brought face to face with Nicholas Achau, which, despite Herculean attempts, trying to catch up with Abramov. To fix the error partners the Keeper failed. However, over the second left at the first small break Martic managed to accurately throw from an average distance, when the zones for remote players returned to the game Diasamidze. 3:2 in favor of the Caucasians – the result of the first eight minutes of the game.

And exactly one minute after the resumption of the match in the second quarter of Georgians again moved with advantage in two balls: a round got into the net after a powerful shot by captain VK “Tbilisi” Rurua – 4:2. Admittedly, at this point, probably like many fans of our team was a bit uncomfortable. However, most importantly, calm and confident inside their abilities and their skill players “Dynamo” and their trainers. It was after this goal the “white-blue”, which he seems pretty angry, added speed when transitioning from defence to attack. Even the President of VC “Dinamo” Alexander Swov watching the game somewhere in the third or fourth row of the stands, when catching the ball with Dynamo, frantically screaming “Floated forward! Go!…” And his team simply did start to break the opponent, which is nothing else didn’t remain how to stop a counterattack Lviv the price of fouls. However, such methods of protecting Georgians use got not a lot – after receiving three red cards during the next half of the five minutes that lasted the game before the whistle for the break, their goalkeeper Kapanadze three times had to get the ball from his own goal after two shots Martinca, and between them and Marel. Note that between these three deletions Georgians were removed from the game and our Abrams and Mamti, but here the loaded word in both cases, said our goalkeeper Nicholas – coast today is not just applied to the ball did not fly to our grid. So for a big break on the scoreboard the pool “Olympic” burned numbers 5:4 in our favor.

Of course, one goal advantages in water Polo is nothing. However, in this case this fact had primarily a psychological value – the Dynamo finally believed that with Georgia is possible to play not only to equal, but to win. Writing is not VK “Tbilisi”, Georgia, we’re not confused – after all, these two teams are one and the same. Just at the club level and national team tournaments players Revaz Camaje play under two different names.

If the second period was actually a turning point in the game, the third has practically placed all points over “and”. After the break Dynamo continued to put pressure on the opponent, which not only is functionally a little hooked, but broke down in moral terms – Georgians somewhere on a subconscious level I realized that today Lviv they do not win. As a result, the third period, the Dynamo won with the score 4:1 and before the final quarter their advantage for abandoned balls grew to four goals – 9:5.

Of course, the history of water Polo is replete with vipadkiv when this was able to regain the lead. But today was not the case. And the Dynamo in the final eight minutes of the game turned out to be tuned no less strongly than in previous periods. Moreover, the team played in the fourth period for a moment more than a hundred seconds, and the score rose to 10:5. And again excelled Martn, which for the third time implemented numerical majority, and in total scored his fifth goal in this game. After that, the teams were finishing the game and the only thing that let the Georgians Lvov, so it’s a little to sweeten the bitter pill of defeat. In the penultimate minute of the match Rurua scored the last goal of the game and set the final score to 10:6 in favor of “Dynamo”. However, to celebrate their historic first victory in the Champions League, the “white-blue” there. Today at 17:00 they will play against the most popular participant of the tournament – the Italian club BPM Sport Management from the town of Busto Arsizio, who yesterday beat VC “Tbilisi” (14:3), but today immediately after our match with the score 13:8 took over the French Pays d’aix from AIX-EN-Provence. However, the final numbers on the scoreboard do not fully reflect the advantage of the Italians in this game. Probably better this is evidenced by the fact that at the equator the score was 7:0 in favor of apenic, and in the second half they played mostly reserve players. We’re also with the team of Marco Salvador Baldness. However, this is a slightly different story and we’ll talk about it after the match tonight.

Ватерполісти львівського «Динамо» у другому турі здобули першу перемогу в Лізі чемпіонів-18/19 – новини ZIK.UA

Water Polo. Men. The Champions League of the season 2018/2019. The first qualifying round

GROUP “A”. 13 – 16 September. Braşov (Romania). Pool “Olympic”

REFEREES: Spyridon Achladies (Greece), David Gomez (Spain), Nenad parish (Croatia), Philip Whlg (Germany), Vladimir Galkin (Russia), Miodrag Stefanovic (Serbia).


BPM Sport Management (Busto Arsizio, Italy)

Corona Sportul Studentesc (Brasov, Romania)

“Dynamo” (Lviv, Ukraine)

Pays d’aix (AIX-EN-Provence, France)

VK Tbilisi (Georgia)

Enka Sport (Istanbul, Turkey)


On the first day. 13 September (Thursday)

The first round

17:00. Enka Sport (Istanbul, Turkey) – Pays d’aix (AIX-EN-Provence, France) – 5:11 (2:3, 1:5, 0:3, 2:0)

18:30. BPM Sport Management (Busto Arsizio, Italy) – VK Tbilisi (Georgia) – 14:3 (3:0, 3:0, 3:0, 5:3)

20:00. Corona Sportul Studentesc (Brasov, Romania) – “Dynamo” (Lviv, Ukraine) – 9:4 (3:1, 3:2, 1:1, 2:0)

The second day. September 14 (Friday)

The second round

09:30. VK “Tbilisi” (Georgia) – “Dynamo” (Lviv, Ukraine) – 6:10 (3:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:1)

11:00. BPM Sport Management (Busto Arsizio, Italy) – Pays d’aix (AIX-EN-Provence, France) – 13:8 (2:0, 5:0, 3:4, 3:4)

12:30. Corona Sportul Studentesc (Brasov, Romania) – Sport Enka (Istanbul, Turkey) – 10:6 (1:2, 3:0, 4:3, 2:1)


BPM Sport Management (Busto Arsizio, Italy)– 2 2 0 0 27-11 6

Corona Sportul Studentesc (Brasov, Romania)– 2 2 0 0 19-10 6

Pays d’aix (AIX-EN-Provence, France)– 2 1 0 1 19-18 3

“Dynamo” (Lviv, Ukraine)– 2 1 0 1 14-15 3

Enka Sport (Istanbul, Turkey)– 2 0 0 2 11-21 0

VK Tbilisi (Georgia)– 2 0 0 2 9-24 0


The second day. September 14 (Friday)

The third round

17:00. BPM Sport Management (Busto Arsizio, Italy) – “Dynamo” (Lviv, Ukraine)

18:30. Enka Sport (Istanbul, Turkey) – VK Tbilisi (Georgia)

20:00. Corona Sportul Studentesc (Brasov, Romania) – Pays d’aix (AIX-EN-Provence, France)

Day three. September 15 (Saturday)

The fourth round

17:00. Pays d’aix (AIX-EN-Provence, France) – “Dynamo” (Lviv, Ukraine)

18:30. BPM Sport Management (Busto Arsizio, Italy) – Sport Enka (Istanbul, Turkey)

20:00. Corona Sportul Studentesc (Brasov, Romania) – VK Tbilisi (Georgia)

Fourth day. September 16 (Sunday)

Fifth round ball

09:30. Enka Sport (Istanbul, Turkey) – “Dynamo” (Lviv, Ukraine)

11:00. Corona Sportul Studentesc (Brasov, Romania) – BPM Sport Management (Busto Arsizio, Italy)

12:30. VK “Tbilisi” (Georgia) – Pays d’aix (AIX-EN-Provence, France)

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