The state debt of Ukraine in August totaled more than two trillion hryvnia

Государственный долг Украины за август составил более двух триллионов гривен

The amount of public and publicly guaranteed debt of Ukraine in August in the hryvnia equivalent amount of debt over this period rose by 91 billion, or 4.2%, to 2,117 trillion UAH.

About it reports “the Country”, citing the website of the Ministry of Finance.

In dollar terms, government debt decreased by 0.86 billion, or 1.1%, to 74,85 billion dollars.

According to the data, compared with the figure at the beginning of the current year the volume of public debt in dollar terms decreased by 1.9% in the hryvnia equivalent by 1.2%.

Public and publicly guaranteed debt of Ukraine for 2017 increased by 7.5% to 76.3 billion dollars, and by 11% to 2.1 trillion – in the hryvnia equivalent.

Recall that on 22 August at the government meeting the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the updated Medium-term strategy of public debt management, according to which the ratio of debt to GDP will gradually decline from 61.5% at the end of 2017 to 49,0% by the end of 2020.

The adoption of the Medium term strategy of public debt management in 2018-2020 is due to the necessity to determine the main measures to reduce its volume.

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