The situation at the gas station: the Gas showed a new annual maximum

Ситуация на АЗС: Автогаз показал новый годовой максимум

The average price of liquefied gas used as automobile fuel in Ukraine October 11, reached a new annual high of 15.62 min UAH per liter.

It is reported by the consulting company UPECO, citing data from the daily monitoring of the market of motor fuel.

According to the report, a number of filling stations in Ukraine in the period 10-11 October increased the price of liquefied petroleum gas for 10-25 kopecks. per liter. For example, at 10 cents per liter autogas rose by Metropolitan stations KLO, to UAH 16,19.

Also, the network of filling stations UPG gas went up 10 cents per liter, UAH to 15.70. At the pump “BRSM-Nafta” in Kiev, the price of LPG increased by 10 cents per liter, to 15.69 UAH. Network Avantage 7 gas went up 10 cents, to at 15, 05 UAH/l. in addition, the growth of prices was recorded in such networks, as Amic Energy, “RUHR Group”, “Katral”, “folk”, “Old-Nick”, “avtotrans”, “BARS”, ZOG, and “energy TRANS”.

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