The singer posted a touching black-and-white photo with his daughter

Ани Лорак опубликовала трогательное черно-белое фото с дочерью

Netizens commented on the new picture that was published of Ani Lorak in your social network account.

Photos can be found on page Lorak in Instagram.

Another source of inspiration for her was communicating with her daughter: a rare weekend Ani prefers to spend with her — probably a soul mate gives it more vitality.

Ани Лорак опубликовала трогательное черно-белое фото с дочерью

The singer posted a black and white photograph with Sofia. “My heart,” she wrote in the comments.

Fans noted that the frame was both touching and sad.

“Hold on, the harder the test the greater the reward”, “You are loved by the Lord — the only way you get faith and grace,” “the Girl! You’ll be fine. You will love and be loved. Happiness to you”, “Ani, You are a rare person on this Earth is talented, beautiful, charming, intelligent, not to lose warm-heartedness and sincerity!”, “Everything will be fine. Even better!”— they write in the comments.

As we previously reported, Ani Lorak came under a barrage of criticism on the web for a photo of his new image for the show “Diva”.

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