The Russian media had insulted the companion Putin – news ZIK.UA

The Russian propaganda resource “Star” disgraced on Twitter with the unfortunate quote of the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova. In particular, the main thrust of the message was the phrase “leaky boat Zakharova”.

The error of the mouthpieces of the Kremlin drew attention to page Pablo “Russian foreign Ministry” on Twitter-u-news.

Російські ЗМІ образили соратницю Путіна – новини ZIK.UA

In particular, advocates would like to quote, obrazovyvajut Zakharova to the UK foreign office because of their negative assessment of the first interview poisoners Violinist. However, through the absurdity of language, in fact, called itself Zakharov.

“The art of making a tweet from TV channel “Star” – so she still has not called”, sarcastically said the authors of the post.

Similar comments under it left and users that also reacted with humour to the situation.

“A leaky boat of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. This is now the unofficial name of position which is held by the above person”, “once wrote the truth”, “Star” knows something”, “They are just in the word “boat” made a mistake, “Circleup”, it also “Manka Medsestra”! She “Mary Cox”, read “leaky slut”, “Orno. First ever read – holey slut”, “I think this name will stay with her forever! 100% hit”, – ironic users.

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