The rupture of relations with Constantinople: the Network Lukashenko was accused of economic dependence on Russia

Разрыв отношений Беларуси с Константинополем: в Сети Лукашенко обвинили в экономической зависимости от РФ

Users of social networks in Ukraine and abroad are ambivalent about the promises of President Poroshenko receive the Tomos to the fact that Belarus after Russia announced Eucharistic communion with Constantinople. People believe the words Poroshenko about the Tomos just campaign promises, and commenting on the decision of Belarus, assured that the President A. Lukashenko just pursues economic goals and made concessions to the state neighbor.

It is reported, ГолосUA.

For information about the termination of the Belarusian Orthodox Church with the Patriarchate of Constantinople people in social networks write that Lukashenko needs the economic support of the Russian Federation. He sacrifices so small, in his view, for a solid economic future.

In the review you can see how the Ukrainians are beginning to argue with each other: Belarusians justify the decision of the Belarusian Orthodox Church and Ukrainians accuse them of lack of independence and dependence on Russia.

Peter Bolgarchuk: “terrible” but father once again licked. Bulba is clearly not feeding and have turns”.

Svetlana Nesterenko, “Well, of course, this decision is not of the people,(they do not care, just to eat there) and some scared of the tractor, so he probably didn’t even ask, but just put before the fact.”

Erik Cambridge: “what are boundaries to draw Popovski? Most likely by the current state borders, let it be”.

Mikhail Tereshchenko: “It would be strange if it were otherwise. Well, as soon as the wind changed, the man immediately flop”.

Irina Medynskiy: “Who would doubt! Slaves of Muscovy!!!”.

Natalia Olearnik: “But they will give a big credit!”.

Mykola Voznyuk: “Oh, damn, is there Belarusan Church?”.

Nikolai Moskalenko: “unfortunately, Belarusians have never been separate!!!”.

Nadezhda Plotnikova: “And when you were?”.

Veronika Shelest: “Nadezhda Plotnikova and mi always, scho not say anything about you.”

Igor Astapov And its Rozum’t got? I zabuv… TSE well the instructions”.

Alla Tkach, “Rabbi, panoski, dirt masque!”.

Natalia raspberry: “And what a discount on gas to back up such an unprecedented commitment?”.


At the same time, Ukrainians, commenting on the theme of Ukraine’s Thomas, announced by Petro Poroshenko, already certain that nothing spiritual in this thread there is one policy that could lead to violent opposition in Ukraine.

“And how much interest will add to it, Tomos?” – sarcastically ask me, the opponents, evaluating the chances of the election of Poroshenko to the backdrop of the current low rating. “You don’t seem to understand. – President re-make it himself Tomos, and that will begin after. For the Russian, according to custom, will not want to concede the natural course of things, they will start a military confrontation in the country. And our utterly confused, brainwashed – Sredney hysteria corrupt media, the voter will be forced to remember where, after all, the enemy. And who is now the only bidder for the club, proved the ability and determination of the enemy to resist”. And Yes, all this is very unsafe. But there is no other way,” writes Karl Volokh.

Pol Mac: “Guys. Well, do not get Poroshenko Thomas. The goal is not autocephaly. Estimate, if exarchs banged. What do you think, who will be charged with unconditionally? There will be a repetition of the hysteria of the downed Boeing and Skrobala. But, most likely all together to the anti-Kremlin war amenity Brickset, to declare martial law in Ukraine, to kill enemies of the government and to cancel the elections of the President and the Parliament.”

We remind that the Belarusian Orthodox Church aligns itself with the decision of the Holy Synod in Ukraine. “The Belarusian Orthodox Church as part of the Russian Orthodox Church joins in this decision (the suspension of the Eucharistic communion with Constantinople – ed.)”, – said the Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, after the meeting of the Holy Synod in Minsk, Interfax reports.

He stressed that all decisions “apply to the entire canonical territory of the Russian Orthodox Church, including and Belarus”.

Earlier, the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church found it impossible her continued presence in the Eucharistic communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople. The Moscow Patriarchate hopes that Constantinople will change his mind on Ukraine.

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