The review of matches 11-go round of the championship of Ukraine on football among commands of the U-19 news ZIK.UA

Огляд матчів 11-го туру першості України з футболу серед команд U-19 – новини ZIK.UA

In the Junior championship of Ukraine on football among the teams of U-19 is nearing completion of the first round, in the yard in November, and the fatigue of the teams as if it was not.

Next, 11-th round of the Junior championship of Ukraine on football among commands of the U-19 struck-scoring matches, gollapudi arranged not only Shakhtar Donetsk, with Kiev “Dinamo”, writes the official website of the Premier League.


The gunners lost four of their last five matches and rolled into the bottom of the table. To overcome the “citizens” helped to make one substitution after half an hour of the game left defender Daniel Demyanenko and in injury time after a corner kick opened the scoring. At the break, Semotuk doubled the lead, the visitors responded only once.


Remaining without a win in the UEFA Youth League, Shakhtar withdrawn soul in the national championship. This time under the hot hand hit the “metallurgists”. Though Andres Carrasco and liked the organization of the games, its guys Zaporizhia protection is not spared. A hat-trick before the break mastered Artem Bondarenko. Note the first goal and 17-year-old defender Alexander Dramba pet, Zaporizhzhya football.


Kyiv scored modestly, but there is someone to celebrate. The forward youth team of Ukraine U-17 Vladislav Wanat spent his first match in the “adult” tournament, because in parallel plays and scores in the DUFL, and for a few moments before the break, scored the debut goal. It was continued by the leaders – Mashchenko with Nadolski.


No luck in Holovkivka loser of the tournament: attacking unit owners played at the maximum. Before the break three times, got to the gate Lutsiv, then twice, Vorobchak, and 18-year-old Brazilian Victor Cesar scored in each half.


To hold first place, Lviv need a win and they achieved it. Despite all the attacks of both teams, the ball stubbornly avoided the net in the second half the Luhansk team hit the crossbar, and on the 90th collection of Daniel Sickan shot from a far distance and ricochet from the defender has brought three points to the guests.


Another intense match ended with a minimal Victoria, but for the hosts. Both teams picked up nine yellow cards and a goal managed to score only the 13th room Dmitry Mamro. “Vorskla” not only beat “Volyn”, but very close to the top five.


The same points – 18 – gained after reporting the tour and “Chernomorets”, and this time the victory was achieved not at the last minute, and on the first of the second half: Sumarokov sold out himself to himself.

Standings after 11 rounds

1. Karpaty Lviv– 11 8 1 2 23-13 25

2. Dynamo Kyiv– 9 8 0 1 33-9 24

3. Shakhtar Donetsk– 9 7 2 0 20-2 23

4. “Alexandria” Alexandria– 13 6 2 5 21-14 20

5. “Chernomorets” Odessa– 11 5 3 3 10-9 18

6. Vorskla Poltava– 11 6 0 5 18-11 18

7. Lviv Lviv– 11 5 2 4 15-15 17

8. Volyn Lutsk– 12 5 1 6 17-15 16

9. Zarya Lugansk– 10 4 3 3 7-6 15

10. “Arsenal-Kiev” Kiev– 11 5 0 6 16-22 15

11. “Mariupol” Mariupol– 12 3 5 4 17-15 14

12. “Metallurg” Zaporozhye– 11 4 0 7 28-26 12

13. Olimpik Donetsk– 11 0 1 10 4-27 1

14. “Desna” Chernigov– 10 0 0 10 4-49 0

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