The researchers found out what type of women often have breast cancer

Исследователи выяснили какой тип женщин чаще болеет раком груди

During a special study experts from the University of Bristol came to the conclusion that women”larks” one and a half times less likely to suffer breast cancer than women are”owls.”

Despite the fact that this study is not yet proseso review, it was published on the bioRxiv service.

Scientists selected 341 the DNA fragment responsible for the tendency to the way of life “owl” or “lark”. Then they studied the correlation of this tendency with the risk of developing breast cancer 180 thousand women from UK Biobank, a major UK storage of genetic information, and almost 230 thousand women of the international Association for breast cancer.

It turned out that the “owls” risk of breast cancer by 48% more than the “larks”. What is the specific reason for this is unclear. Perhaps the fact that “owl” cause harm to the body, forcing myself to get up early in the morning to go to work. Or the thing itself the internal clock of the body and how they affect hormone levels, immune system and metabolism.

Also, earlier, on June 6, the American scientist with the new managed procedure to save a woman from breast cancer have fallen at terminal stage. In the framework of a new therapy in the blood of women pumped 90 billion immune cells. A team of scientists from the National University for research on cancer says that treatment is still experimental, but in future could transform how the world treat cancer.

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