The release of the Branson does not warrant removal from Turkey of US sanctions – Turkish analyst

Освобождение Брансона не гарантирует снятия с Турции санкций США – турецкий политолог

The release of official Ankara American pastor Andrew Brunson does not guarantee the withdrawal of United States economic and political sanctions against Turkey.

This opinion was expressed by Turkish political analyst Akif Idiz in a commentary to the correspondent of ГолосUA.

According to the analyst, in America, the fact that E. Brunson freedom is seen as a “logical fact” that is not a act of good will on the part of the Turkish Republic. “The main embargo and prohibitions against Turkey, the United States abolished only after the TR will cease to seek living in America Muslim preacher Fethullah Gullen and withdraw its troops from the territory of Syria, he stressed. – Neither the first nor the second conditions, Ankara will not do”. However, as noted by A. Idiz, extradition E. Brunson may be the first step towards normalization of relations between Turkey and the United States in the foreseeable future.

We will remind, E. Brunson was released on 12 October this year by the decision of the Turkish court sentenced him to 3 years in prison for support of terrorists. The court took into account the fact of the accused under house arrest since 2016, the year, and dismissed the case against the pastor right in the courtroom.

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