The reflection of the Sun or Nibiru is real: the second Orb of scared people in Ohio (VIDEO)

Отражение Солнца или реально Нибиру: второе светило напугало жителей Огайо (ВИДЕО)

In Cincinnati (Ohio, USA) is a local resident took the second appearance of red lights in the sky, which is extremely frightened as the author of the video and Network users. People are trying to figure out what it is Nibiru, heralding the Apocalypse, or simply the reflection of the Sun?

This writes the oane.


Many proponents of “conspiracy theory” has long been awaiting the arrival of deadly Planet X that will destroy Earth, leaving no chance for humanity to survive. According to believers, the impact of Nibiru is scheduled Again. After placement of the material in which we are talking about the second red Light seen by the witness from the city of Cincinnati, the arguments of these people began to take a large scale that led to total panic and waiting for the Apocalypse.

The experts do not share the views about the danger of a celestial body, in this case, according to them, the phenomenon observed in the video doesn’t look abnormal because the red light in the sky is caused only by the reflection of the setting Sun.

The second part of the audience insists on his opinion. It is worth noting that namely David Mead, a self-proclaimed Christian numerologist, predicted the arrival of Nibiru on September 23 in 2017, but there is nothing unusual in this day did not happen. Since then, the global Network began to fill Amateur photos and videos, the authors argued that the researcher simply made a mistake in the calculations – the death of mankind is coming. Because of people’s fear even the space Agency NASA had to connect to the General discussion, pointing out that this is all an Internet hoax. Experts also said that Nibiru would be easy to see with the naked eye, if it was real.

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