The reason for the appearance of wrinkles can be incorrect skin care and rich facial expressions – expert

Причиной появления морщин могут быть неправильный уход за кожей и богатая мимика - эксперт

In the autumn, beauticians recommend to give the skin care special attention, as in the cold season wrinkles are formed much faster because of the peculiarities of the weather.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the cosmetician Tatyana Fast.

Autumn weather, lack of sun, first cold, gusty wind and drizzling rain is detrimental to the condition of the skin. In autumn, the skin is vulnerable as never before and it requires more careful care and regular fertilization. By the way, as estimated by foreign scientists, in the cold season, women on average look for 3-5 older than summer.

“Often the first wrinkles appear due to a too well-pronounced facial expressions and therefore it is important to constantly monitor so as not to frown, to wrinkle the nose, etc. Even when no one sees you. The cause of the wrinkles ahead of time can be harmful habits and wrong food, because our appearance is directly dependent on the diet and lifestyle. Conclusion – to look good, need a good sleep, eat right, getting a full set of vitamins and minerals, to get rid of bad habits and to spend more time outdoors,” says the expert.

Often the condition of the skin deteriorate and not adapted to cosmetic products. Save on this not worth it, but to think that a good tool for face or body cream have to be expensive – the same mistake. Carefully study the composition and listen to their feelings.

“In autumn it is very useful to nourish the skin with vitamin masks – it is now in the shops and markets are still available fresh vegetables and fruits. Just mash x in a slurry and apply on face for 15-20 minutes several times a week,” advises the expert.

For oily skin you can add egg whites (they tighten pores), and for dry – extra virgin olive oil.

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