The purple sky began to frighten Americans (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Фиолетовое небо стало пугать американцев (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

The last time over the United States regularly occurs glow purple colors, which scientists can’t explain. Reports of anomalies began to appear in mid-October and continue to this day.

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October 13, a resident of the state of Ohio reported that over the Cuyahoga river, the sky acquired uncharacteristic hue. It was not exactly lights – man checked.

On the same day, the phenomenon was observed in Cleveland.

On 26 October, the situation repeated again in Dayton (Oh). An eyewitness on the way to work recorded a strange sky. According to men, the source of the glow was surely above the clouds, not under them.

The next day the anomaly was seen again in Cleveland two weeks later.

31 Oct few days the sky was purple over Bellevue, WA – Witness. People were trying to figure out the nature of the phenomenon, but to no avail.

And the last recorded event was a couple of days ago, on 4 November, in Wisconsin. The mysterious footage taken by eyewitnesses for all the weeks listed above.

Earlier in the sky near Moscow “crashed” aircraft.

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