The protests of “yellow jackets” in France: in collisions 110 people were injured

Протесты «желтых жилетов» во Франции: при столкновениях 110 человек получили ранения

As a result of clashes between protesters and police in the centre of the French capital arrested 270 people.

It is reported by UNN with reference to CNEWS.

“270 people were arrested by the police in Paris. According to our information, 110 people were injured, including 17 police officers”, — informs television channel.

Recall that the third wave of protests prodoljaetsya France since Saturday morning. In Paris, police used tear gas against protesters. Also, clashes occurred in Strasbourg and the police are there, as in Paris earlier used tear gas when the “yellow jackets” tried to leave the planned route of the procession.

As previously reported UNN, the movement of the “yellow vests” appeared in France in protest against the tax on greenhouse gas emissions, which leads to higher prices for automotive fuel. As stated earlier, Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe, the government intends to continue this tax, despite any protests.

From 17 November across the country, a wave of demonstrations, the largest actions took place in Paris. Last Saturday, according to the interior Minister of France Christoph Costanera, in demonstrations across France have taken part more than 103 thousand people, and the total for the day was organized more than 1,5 thousand protests. Authorities said that the government will not abandon their earlier course, however, assured that the government will change the approach. Consultation the government will last for three months.

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