The power of the law was to annually recalculate the pension, but didn’t do it – the expert

Власть по закону должна была ежегодно пересчитывать пенсии, но не делала этого – эксперт

By law, pensions in Ukraine had to be indexed every year, but the Ukrainian government did not.

This was during a press conference in the information Agency “ГолосUA” said an expert on social Affairs Andrey Pavlovsky.

“The fact that from March 1, 2019 in Ukraine will be held the indexation of pensions, advertised as a great achievement of the current government. Forget about the fact that by law, the pension was to be indexed each year, but the government didn’t do it. Now we have to take this as a blessing from the government,” – said the sociologist.

A. Pavlovsky added that Yatsenyuk’s government in 2014 and 2015, suspended the law on indexation of pensions. Because of the failure of the laws in 2014-2016 years the government has not paid, in fact, hid thousand hryvnias of pensions intended for payment of the Ukrainian pensioners. Power was by law every year to perform the indexation of pensions – was.

“In fact the Ukrainian pensioners have been robbed. And for this fraud the seniors have to bow down to power in his legs because they promised the indexation of pensions in March 2019,” – said the expert.

According to A. Pawlowski, the pension shall be not less than 40% of salary, but we have a pension will be approximately 20% of salary.

The expert also noted that in Ukraine since retirement have done the same thing in Russia. You now need 35 years of insurance to receive a pension: have you been in 60 years of retirement will come – but only in 65 years.

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