The political scientist about the agreements between Ukraine and Russia is not excluded, the signing of new contracts

Политолог о соглашениях между Украиной и РФ: не исключено подписание новых договоров

What today between Ukraine and the Russian Federation are valid 314 agreements, suggests that this country is our economic partner, and it is possible a signing of her new contracts.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said political expert Valentin Gaidai.

“What remains is a large number of agreements in action (they ratifitsirovala and operated, in part or in full) says that Russia, despite the rhetoric, our government, and the creation of the myth that we have a lot of things are lost and broken with this country, still remains our economic partner, the main investor (many enterprises of machine-building industry, metallurgy, still focused on the Russian Federation)”, – said the analyst.

According to Viktor Gaidai, these agreements are the best evidence of the fact that there are so many links between the Ukraine and Russia.

“Potentially there is reason to believe that Ukraine and Russia are moving away from each other in terms of economy and trade, not to mention political, social aspects. But while these more than 300 contracts act. Some, of course, will cease to exist in the coming years, but perhaps the signing of new contracts, among other things. Also wouldn’t deny it. This is the number of agreements, which still exists, wins against the background of the fact that Poroshenko has cancelled a Treaty of friendship with Russia,” he said.

We will remind, for today between Ukraine and the Russian Federation are valid 314 agreements. This was reported by press Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zelenko. She also noted that in 2014 between Russia and Ukraine was signed 453 of the transaction.

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