The player of “Karpaty” Serhiy Miakushko: We all knew the importance of this Derby – news ZIK.UA

Гравець «Карпат» Сергій Мякушко: Ми всі прекрасно розуміли важливість цього дербі – новини ZIK.UA

Midfielder of FC Karpaty Lviv Serhiy Miakushko was the top scorer among all Ukrainian teams during the off-season, but in official matches differ did not succeed.

It was not until such time as Sergey open a Bank account in Lviv Derby at the Arena Lviv is a powerful free kick, says the Information center of FC “Karpaty”.

– Sergey, the settings before the Derby was special?

We all knew the importance of this Derby. Fans only talked about it, so each of us went on the field to get three points and give pleasure to our fans. Of course, we each game is seriously preparing, but it was a feature. Our legionaries also understood all and imbued with the spirit of the Derby.

– Before the break, you very carefully played, with virtually no attacks, but with maximum control of the ball…

– Yes, indeed, in the first half was frankly a draw. We rod the crossbar. We tried to play carefully to control the game. Tried to attack, but could not succeeded.

– You finally managed to score from a free kick…

– To be honest, I just blow a little numb feet, I was not going to break. But the coach insisted, obviously believed in me. So I shot and scored…

– I think for the first time, you showed a symbolic heart in the camera lens. Is that so?


– Why haven’t done this before?

– There was no one who did not want to.

– Now, obviously there?

Yes. This heart for one girl. Wanted to make it pleasant. She’ll understand.

– To the Cup match, you will have time to recover?

– Is indisputable. We have great massage therapists, as well as the base with everything you need. There is also a sauna and a swimming pool. Everything is restoring fine.

Support good it felt?

– It was super! I want to go to every game supported.

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